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Remaining steadfast and strong in the search for love can sometimes seem very difficult. Our past experiences tend to cloud our minds with fault or blame, but the reality is that when one door closes another will surely open. Love is out there for the taking, you just need to be exuding the right kind of energy to attract a like-minded soulmate. Love is not as complicated. It is a desire to be with someone that makes you happy, who fills your soul with comfort, and gives you peace knowing that your heart is secure. Many times we go through life with our guard up, but isn't it time to take it down? Try something new? Open ourselves to the idea of more? Are you ready? Dating should be fun, take a deep breath, relax and just go with the flow. It may not always work out, but who cares - the fun is in trying! Now is the perfect time to mingle with some singles in your area. Take a chance - Open your heart.

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Dating has never really been my best skill set. I'm a homebody, the bar and club scene are not my vibe, so how on Earth do you meet new people! I had to break out of my norm and try something new, which is why I joined a dating site. Making a profile was super simple, and since I know what I really wanted out of a relationship, it was easy for me to look through profiles and pick potential dates I felt matched my goals. It took a few months, a whole lot of patience, and a bunch of awkward dates, but when we met I knew it was the end game for me. I was looking for a kind, loving, intelligent and fun partner, and that is exactly what I found. We have been inseparable since our first date, and much like me, the dating game wasn't their thing either. We have been spending every day together for months, and it feels as if we have known each other our whole lives. Meeting her has made the past feel like a distant memory, and now I am looking forward to what the future will bring us together.

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You can't change people no matter how hard you try or how much you want to. If they are not willing to change, then nothing you do will make a difference. Try to appreciate the similarities between you and respect the differences.


No one is perfect and neither are you. We all make mistakes, so try to forgive yourself and move on. Don't dwell on your past and learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are.


Don’t be insensitive, and be kind to those around you. Sometimes, if you can't say something nice, then it’s best to say nothing at all. Just try to understand other people’s needs and do everything in your power to help them.


If you want to compete with someone, then do it with yourself. Try to improve yourself, be better at what you do. Work on your flaws and correct bad behaviors.


Let your actions speak, because there are times when the smallest act of love can make a huge impact. Give people more attention, show them your appreciation more often, and be more affectionate!


Try to admit when you are wrong, and don't be too proud to apologize. People will appreciate your honesty and you will earn their respect. Value your relationships more than your pride, and ignore that need to be always right.


Pay attention to the little things. We all like to be noticed, and we feel important when someone remembers a little detail about us.


People can't read minds, so they won't know what you need until you tell them. Staying calm, being rational, staying in the moment, and really listening before you respond – all key! Compromise and compassion are essential for any relationship to grow.

Love Is Not What You Say, Love is What You Do.

Action speaks louder than words, so take action in your life today. Patience is a virtue, but looking for love with no luck, bad experiences, and endless "first dates" can be frustrating. But, don't fret, we are here to help! Our online community is full of like-minded singles looking for love and connections with meaning. Striking out or going through some rough patches isn't a bad thing. Those experiences grant you a better understanding of your wants, needs and goals in love. Trust us, love is out there - stick with us & sign up today!

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